Colorful pillow ideas


 I recently visited a friend whose house is very tastefully decorated.  White seems to dominate, but what struck me where the accent pillows.  They were exposed like art, inviting you to sit in their lush comfort.  I immediately thought this would be a good blog post.  Accent pillows will not only spruce up a room, […]

Black and White Living Rooms

Dreaming Black and White – Home Decor Ideas

What could be more chic and timeless than black and white?  Even though it may seem boring to some, a monochrome palette is simply fabulous and probably one of my favorite color combinations.  Simple, yet striking, it makes for an everlasting impact.  It can stand on its own or can be used as a perfect […]


November Mood : Inspirations and Social Affairs

from Vanishing Act – TMagazine NYTimes Style Mood: November This month Cate Blanchett sets the mood for my style inspiration. She has the the grace and poise of a confident and talented woman. Her style is sleek, modern and feminine. She is a phenominally talented actress and yet remarkably humble of her success. She has […]