A few nights ago I joined a couple of girlfriends for a dinner-date at the Inn at Pound Ridge.  It was the first evening that it finally felt like summer was arriving.  I feel like I’ve been stuck in a rut with this rainy weather, so I was really happy to wear sandals and short sleeves.  I […]


MONTHLY DÉCOR TIPS : Outdoor Living with Aerin Lauder

From rugs and pillows, to furniture and tableware, Outdoor Living has become its own décor category.  Every month I browse Pinterest for ideas and inspirations to upcoming editorial pieces and you may have read my May mood board (click here).   This May, I fell in love with the easy elegance of Aerin Lauder.  Her classic […]

Memorial Day BBQ Ideas


MONTHLY EDIBLES : MEMORIAL DAY BBQ So what’s on your grill this Memorial Day BBQ?    Our day usually begins with the early morning parade, in which the kids participate of course.  With it’s cliche patriotic outfits dotting the sidewalks, the dogs barking and sniffing each others license plates, while hundreds of kids wave their flags […]

Best Summer Hair Products


I was not blessed with thick, luscious tresses. My hair is fine and curly, but I have a lot of it, which means it gets tangled easily.  My natural hair color has changed over the years from a sandy blond to a dark blond.  And since I like my hair blond and I’m not a […]

Beauty products

Beauty : 5 Products I Can’t Live Without

You may think it ridiculous, but the one thing I do every morning is apply make-up.  Gone are the days where I could get away with my bare self….I mean, I don’t want to scare anyone.  I rarely put on a full face, unless I’m going to a party.  I think your make-up should enhance […]

Mother's Day gift guide and ideas

Mother’s Day : 10 Gifts under $100

I can’t believe it’s almost MOTHER’S DAY!  And while, breakfast in bed along with hand-made cards from my girls will be the highlight of my day, I wouldn’t necessary be opposed to a little gift.  I mean really, who doesn’t like to receive a present?!  So whether you want to discreetly leave you computer open […]

floral dress


The wonderful thing about wearing a dress is that it actually requires very little styling and yet it some how makes you feel like you put in the effort.  I am sure you’ve noticed that my inspiration for April has been focused on feminine and romantic accents.   The most desirable prints this season are […]

Shirt and Jean inspo

Friday Fashion Fix : Shirt and Jeans Look

I’m not usually a t-shirt and jeans kinda girl,  but here is my updated version of that.  I like a look that feels put together, but still has a casual feel….perfect for running errands or meeting someone for lunch.  There is something sexy about the simplicity of a shirt and jeans look.  It’s a classic and […]