Beach Totes


There is no summer essential quite as important as the beach tote.  With warm sunny days approaching, some New Englanders migrate to their bucolic coastal retreats, while others make the daily venture to shores nearby.  Regardless, beaches are sprinkled with people dying to capture every single drop of Vitamin D before summer is over.  Requiring a bag that […]


Tropical Escape Essentials

April break is around the corner and I know most of my friends are headed south to warmer climates and tropical beaches.  I wouldn’t be so jealous had Spring, which technically arrived March 21st, committed to sticking around.  But there is a little hidden envy that you will be basking in the warm rays of the Caribbean sun whilst sipping a mojito. 

Regardless, we all need a getaway and we might as well go in style.  So here are my fabulous tips on what to bring and how to pack for a five night trip.