Kids Holiday Looks

Kids Holiday Looks: Ella and Henry

I’m working with Ella and Henry  on a collaboration for kids holiday looks.  Christine, the owner, offers a refreshing selection of European brands giving New Canaan a much needed twist to kids clothing.  From casual and chic holiday styling to the traditional party attire, Ella and Henry meets all my needs.  Use code: CHIC-KIDS when shopping and enter […]


Holiday Kids: Style Inspirations

Autumn in New England is magnificent and quite possibly the most beautiful place to be. This year in particular, we have been blessed with a gorgeous and mild fall, it’s hard to imagine that winter is around the corner. While it may seem ridiculous to even consider, let alone write anything to do with the holiday season, having […]


School picture day – What should my little lady wear?

Picture day is always tough. Maybe because school pictures with their mundane backgrounds and their rushed two click photography always turn out to be mediocre. Maybe because I’m not there to control the scene…Is the hair ok? Is she smiling?  Whatever the case, ‘good’ school pictures are rare. I find girls to be more difficult to dress […]


Kids – Fall and Winter Shoe Guide

If your kids are like my kids, chances are they outgrow their shoes within a year, which of course becomes an expensive and tedious task as they begin to have their own style. Here are some of my favorite Fall and Winter kids shoes. I usually buy my children’s shoes online, but if you need a […]