ZingZang Bloody

How to Make the Best Brunch Bloody Cocktail

This is my absolute favorite Bloody Mary mix! It is the perfect combination of spice and refreshing flavor. I know it seems crazy, since I am usually into creating all my food and cocktail from scratch, but I have to say, I was impressed and had to share. Enjoy it virgin style or with your […]

Memorial Day BBQ Ideas


MONTHLY EDIBLES : MEMORIAL DAY BBQ So what’s on your grill this Memorial Day BBQ?    Our day usually begins with the early morning parade, in which the kids participate of course.  With it’s cliche patriotic outfits dotting the sidewalks, the dogs barking and sniffing each others license plates, while hundreds of kids wave their flags […]

Easy Salad Recipes


Ok, so I love a good salad.  In fact I like salad so much, I have it every day! Sometimes twice a day.  That said, the same ole’ salad can become quite boring and honestly unless you’re a dog, you probably cannot eat the same meal everyday.   My girls have grown to love veggies […]


Concoctions : What’s Your Potion?

I have been converted to a snob when it comes to a mixed drink.  My husband (Lex), who happens to be a cocktail epicurean, among many other little hobbies that tend to benefit moi, makes some of the best concoctions I have tasted.  He experiments, as I happily play the guinea pig, with all different […]

Valentine's Day edibles

Edibles: Easy Recipes for Valentine’s Day Breakfast In Bed

Breakfast in bed anyone? I mean what could be more romantic on Valentine’s Day?!  I think it’s probably the only day of the year that I would attempt to serve my sweet darling breakfast in bed, mainly because it’s somewhat impractical with the dogs barking and the kids wanting to snuggle.  I mean this is not […]


Farm to Table

Growing up in  Bucharest Romania in a big family that extended to friends and neighbors, taught me a few things about hosting: mainly that my door is always open!  Since our recent move, we’ve been very busy entertaining our closest and dearest this summer.  So why should this past Saturday be any different.  Lex’s aunt […]


Artisanal Antipasti: An Italian Flair For Holiday Entertainment

When I began blogging, I promised myself that I would maintain an authentic, beautiful and interesting perspective for my reader. I would focus on fashion, but also topics that inspire me and things that are exceptional. Here is perfect example.  If you haven’t tasted the delicious products of Artisanal Pantry you should. My beautiful friend and […]


Labor Day – How to Spruce it!

Happy Labor Day Y’all!! If you are like most Americans, Labor Day is a coveted holiday. It’s the unofficial start of Fall. A reason to squeeze in one last BBQ and keeping the pool heated for another week just so the kids can enjoy their last few precious and unsupervised free time. It’s our excuse […]