The Monthly Beauty File – Pretty Woman

I was only 15 years old when Pretty Woman debuted. It was the 90’s! Jackets had shoulder pads sewn in. New Kids On The Block were popular and Kate Moss graced the covers of magazines topless, alongside Mark Wahlberg for a Calvin Klein ad. I was a Sophomore in high-school and my beauty regimen consisted […]


Beauty Babe – 7 Things I'm Loving Right Now

Spending money on the “right” beauty products should not make you cringe. After all, we apply them to our face, we breath them in and spray them around our homes.  Over the years, I have tried different brands offering new and exciting treatments that promise to deliver X, Y and Z. What I found is […]


Lavender Essence and Eau de Parfum

This is technically more of a beauty category, but I’ve had friends inquiring about the fragrance I have been wearing and I thought I would share a fabulous oil product too. I can’t say I suffer from particularly dry skin, but I do like my skin soft. Don’t we all!!! Some of us are just plain born with it. […]


Izzy met Carlos Vera

It has taken me 7 years to bring my daughter Isabelle (Izzy) to meet Carlos Vera ( I have shown him pictures of my girls and he’s always wanted to meet them and of course style them. I decided to make it a girl trip and brought my mom along as well.  So, a bit […]