Best Summer Hair Products


I was not blessed with thick, luscious tresses. My hair is fine and curly, but I have a lot of it, which means it gets tangled easily.  My natural hair color has changed over the years from a sandy blond to a dark blond.  And since I like my hair blond and I’m not a […]

Beauty products

Beauty : 5 Products I Can’t Live Without

You may think it ridiculous, but the one thing I do every morning is apply make-up.  Gone are the days where I could get away with my bare self….I mean, I don’t want to scare anyone.  I rarely put on a full face, unless I’m going to a party.  I think your make-up should enhance […]

favorite sunscreen products


One of the quickest ways to age your skin is to go without sunscreen.  Sun causes pre-mature aging, sun-spots, and even worse – skin cancer, so wearing strong daily protection is a must.  So a few years ago I made the decision to wear it year-around.   Being somewhat  of a beauty junkie and with summer […]


Stocking Stuffers Series: Skin Care and Make-Up

Today, as a continuation of my stocking stuffers series, I want to share with you my absolute favorite skin care and make-up products.  I’m lumping them together because I realize we haven’t got much time until Christmas, yet those stockings must go up.  Also, since I have two girls who watch mommy attend to her […]


Stocking Stuffers Series: Beauty Products

In the next few days, I’m going to post a daily gift guide for stocking stuffers.  From beauty products and men’s gift guide to home decor, I will help you navigate these last few count-down days to Christmas.  You can find these items on-line and order them to arrive just in time, or you can […]

Red lips


There is nothing like a sexy red lip! Red can take you from your ordinary day to feeling instantly feminine.  I usually lean towards a natural look, but if going out, it’s a amazing what a little red lipstick can do. 


Beauty Care: 6 Secrets That Will Make Your Skin Glow

Amy and Olivia, the fabulous owners of Scout and Molly’s New Canaan, have successfully established themselves as a destination shop for unique finds that are budget friendly.  Not only are these women incredibly talented entrepreneurs, but their well curated selection of clothing and accessories perfectly mimic your closet and is suitable for everyone’s lifestyle.  I love this store for so many reasons and today I want share with you a few pieces from their fall collection that can take us ladies from day to evening and everything in between. 


A Perfect Pucker

My makeup is usually minimal. I never leave the house without my Trish Mcvoy mascara and my lipgloss.  That is just about as basic as you can get.  That said, I think lips are particularly important to pay attention to.  First off, nothing is less appealing than dry chapped lips. So even if you just use a lip moisturizer, like this one from Sugar, don’t leave the house without treating your lips….