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June 23, 2017

Summer Swimwear Ideas

Despite all the rain, summer is here and so is beach season.  Whether you like one-piece or a cute bikini, swimwear is kind of a necessity for summer.  What are your favorite swimwear styles?  With so many options,  it’s hard to nail dow one trend, so I thought I’d share with you some must-haves. 


I should mention that I have not been endowed in the bust area, so I can easily wear string bikinis since I don’t need much support.  i did however include several pieces that offer a lot more support for those of you who happen to be lucky in the area.  As far as trend, honestly it’s all over the board….florals, stripes, solids.  Everything seems to be in fashion this season. 



 I love one-piece bathing-suits and I wear them when I am not interested in actually sunbathing.  I hate tan-lines…it’s the European  in me!  I wish could go topless, but then I wouldn’t get to wear all these cute suits.  And frankly, I’m too old to go topless! 


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