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June 6, 2017

Father’s day is coming right up, so I’ve rounded up some great picks to honor the dads in your life.  I have already tested a few of these gadgets on my husband and they have received great reviews. 

See a sampling of gift ideas in the collage below, but check out my FULL Father’s Day Gift Guide RIGHT HERE! 

Gadgets and Gifts for Him

1. Molton Brown Diffuser : I know this may not seem as masculine, but I can tell you that it’s so subtle that he will love it.  And let’s face it, men can use one of these in every corner of their closet or bathroom.  

2. Chantecaille Sunscreen : I personally use this and gave my husband some to use when he went golfing.  He has since swore by it! Non-greasy, easily absorbed and great protection.

3. #1 Dad Card

4. IzziPizzi Sunglasses : I recently bought a pair of these to use while playing tennis.  The polarizing lens in fantastic and they are su incredibly light-weight.  They are Parisian made and quite affordable at $80.  

5. Blaze Smart Fitness Watch : I think every dad would love this! It receives the best reviews of all fitness watches. 

6. Miriam Quevedo Hair Mask : Once in a while, he too needs a pampering.  This hair mask is incredible and more masculine than other lotions and potions.  PS. You can use it too!

7. Caseology Iphone Cover 

8. Peak Ice Cube Molds : This is so cool and perfect size for water bottles. 

9. Rimowa Carry-On : For the traveling dads, Rimowa is by far the most durable, light-weight case you can buy. I love them!

10. Apple HomePod : In response to Amazon’s Echo, Apple came out with their version and I have to say it is pretty amazing.  The sound quality is phenomenal and it interacts with dozens of home accessories. 

11. Leatherman Tool : Every dad needs one of these!  Really!  Lex uses it all the time…in fact I do too for all sorts of home repairs. 

12. B&O Play : Bang and Olfsen created this little portable speaker that needs to travel with him where ever he goes.  We have one and use it on the patio and it’s incredibly powerful. 


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