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May 26, 2017

Beach Totes

There is no summer essential quite as important as the beach tote.  With warm sunny days approaching, some New Englanders migrate to their bucolic coastal retreats, while others make the daily venture to shores nearby.  Regardless, beaches are sprinkled with people dying to capture every single drop of Vitamin D before summer is over.  Requiring a bag that can cart a day or a weekend’s worth of all our accouterments is a must.  With pompoms and colors exploding and so many options to choose from, I thought I’d break it down by material.  


Raffia is probably the most commonly used fabric in designing and making beach bags.  It’s durable, affordable and lends itself to all sorts of manipulation (from kids toys to food).  This summer, raffia bags are everywhere and every designer is competing for your attention.  




When it comes to a weekender bag, I always go with canvas.  Usually my canvas beach tote doubles as a travel bag, which comes in handy when you have two kids.  I like my canvas bags on the larger size, but I have included a few smaller options as well.  Do you have a bag preference when traveling if the beach is in the picture? 

Beach totes



Leather is more luxurious and more expensive, but it will also last forever.  However, you cannot get it wet, so I’d say use a leather tote if you are headed to the beach sans children.  No room for sand toys, potato chips and wet towels – preferably used for chic sunbathing with your significant other.  This is another tote that can double as a day bag.  I always try to conserve space when traveling, so bringing along a bag that I can use for both beach and daily outings, is ideal.  

Beach bags


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