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May 19, 2017

Who doesn’t love white!  Especially with a little sun-kissed skin to boot.  The perfect canvas for styling an outfit, white is pretty amazing and this summer it’s everywhere.  Here is a visual tour of my white out outfits, from casual to dressy.  If you like any of them, you can click the shoppable links below each one.  

Friday Fashion Fix: White Out 

Keeping it casual in whites, while wine tasting.  Thankfully, we only tasted whites.  This was from out trip to Santa Barbara. 

Summer Whites


Feeling frisky with an off the shoulder top.  Hopefully he won’t notice I helped myself to some tea. 

Summer Whites


Never a dull moment when running your blog….always glued to some device. 



I bought this dress for a Cuban white party, now all I need is some music. 


Summer white dresses



Dress to impress!  Perfect white for meeting Kate Spade!

White outfits



Summer mixer white!  For those hot summer days, when you want to look chic, but comfy. 



Hope you enjoyed browsing!  I’s love to hear your ideas and comments.  

xo, Ana-Maria 


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