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May 17, 2017

Best Summer Hair Products

I was not blessed with thick, luscious tresses. My hair is fine and curly, but I have a lot of it, which means it gets tangled easily.  My natural hair color has changed over the years from a sandy blond to a dark blond.  And since I like my hair blond and I’m not a huge fan of roots, I have to have my hair colored every 2 months.  Just the base, not my highlights.  Those I touch-up only every 6 months or so.  That said, I need to make sure my hair stays healthy.  I use a ton of conditioner,  but not just any conditioner or I risk weighing down my locks which makes them look greasy.  Ugh, who wants that!   I also use hair treatments and masks to help rehydrate my hair.

Recently, I visited my stylist Carlos Vera in NYC.  He is the most talented hair guru and color is his specialty.  Carlos is a globe trotting celebrity stylist and if it weren’t for knowing him for 14 years, I don’t know if he’d have time to work on mere mortals as myself.  Anyway, after spending hours foiling what seemed like a thousand locks, my hair is now a pale blond.  I was going for the California sun-bleached blond look.  He of course, nailed it, but I now need to hydrate my hair so it does not break.  

Who better to ask for advise than Carlos himself.  Here are his top choices for hair treatments to help with damaged and color treated hair.  And hair products that will enhance your color, texture and style for the perfect healthy summer tresses

Have you used any of these?  What are your thoughts?  Leave me a comment below.  

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Summer Hair tresses


 L’Oréal EverPure Mask : This sulfate-free mask is perfect for color treated hair.  It repairs and recovers hair strength as well as maintain color brilliance.  “Use only once a month!”, says Carlos. 

 Miriam Quevedo Extreme Caviar : This is a bit more pricey, but I have used it and it really is pretty special.  It does not weigh down my hair, but leaves it feeling soft, supple and very manageable.  I used it for a week, immediately after I colored my hair and it really gave it luster, life and freshness.  Amazing for damaged and color treated hair.  

Summer Hair Tresses


 Oribe Dry Shampoo :  Carlos recommends washing your hair every three days, especially if your hair is color treated.  Over washing can cause more drying and damage.  That said, if I did that, I’d have to wear a hat, cause I’d look like a grease mop.  Oribe Dry Shampoo is amazing…I have used it and I love it.  It not only removes oils, but it also nourishes hair using Myrrh extract and chamomile. 

 Sexy Hair Powder Play : This is a textured dry shampoo powder, so if you have fine hair like mine and need a little extra oomph at the roots, add just a touch of this magic powder.  Volume galore!! 

 Lanza Keratin Healing Oil : Helps deliver thickness, fullness and density….makes skinny strands, fat!  And the keratin replenishes optimal moisture and restores strength.  I mean, need I say more?  

Bumble and Bumble Sea Salt Spray :  If you have any kind of wave to your hair, this products will absolutely enhance that.  The only time I wear my hair wavy or curly is in the summer or when on vacation.  You know those beach waves that look so cool and natural?  Well this product will deliver that!  It will boost your hair texture and add shine.  I love it! 




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