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May 15, 2017

Must have make-up

You may think it ridiculous, but the one thing I do every morning is apply make-up.  Gone are the days where I could get away with my bare self….I mean, I don’t want to scare anyone.  I rarely put on a full face, unless I’m going to a party.  I think your make-up should enhance your beauty, not cover it up.  

My daily make-up routine is brief and minimal, but it does wonders and makes me feel put together and ready for the day.  Today I am sharing 5 products to achieve a glowing and fresh-faced look that will have you ready to go in 5 minutes. 

Beauty products



 Natura Bissé The Cure Sheer Cream – This is a product I came upon when I wanted to combine the texture of daily moisturizer with sun protection.  The fact that it’s tinted was an added bonus that now I cannot live without.  It adjusts to every skin tone and offers minimal coverage, but it is not a foundation.  What I love about The Cure is that it gives your complexion this glowy, dewy finish while nourishing and protecting it.  If you need a touch more cover-up, combine it with a drop of your foundation for an awesome result. 

Tinted Moisturizer



Anastasia Brow Definer – I recently became a fan of filling in my eyebrows and ever since it has sort of become an obsession. This product was designed by the famous Beverly Hills brow specialist Anastasia Soare, whose frequent clientele are celebrities.  I have tried a few different types of brow fillers.  I love this one for two reasons: 1. The triangular tip is perfect angle for filling in sparce areas…(don’t you hate those?)  2. The tint I use (taupe) matches my brow color perfectly.  The result is really amazing….my brows look like they were professionally done. 

Makeup must haves



Artis Elite Oval Brush – These brushes are super soft.  Made of synthetic bristles, which is great because it won’t collect bacteria which causes you to break out. And it is insanely effective for make-up application.  I use the number 6 Oval for my sheer cream or foundation application, but you can also using it for contouring.  The brush blends make-up beautifully and the result is insanely smooth and natural looking. 

makeup must haves



Trish McEvoy Mascara – I realize that everyone has a favorite mascara and rightfully so.  The only reason I absolutely love this product is because it does not smear or smudge.  Since I am not one of those lucky women with long, feathery lashes, I have to wear mascara.  This patterned formula lasts for 24 hours (I’ve woken up with no raccoon eyes) and it comes off only with warm water.  It’s the best. 

make-up musthaves



 Hourglass Ambient Compact – You know that sun-kissed look?  This product will give you just that.  I wear it every day and honestly it contours and highlights my face perfectly….like I had just spent the day in the sun.  I have also tried this on my mom and a couple of friends and it’s amazing how it adjusts to each individual skin tone.  They are now hooked too.  I sometimes use it on my eyes just to brighten them a bit.  I think it makes a perfect travel make-up. 

Blush and Bronzer




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