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April 14, 2017

Shop Jewelry SaleAccents and jewelry are the quickest form of dressing up an outfit.  Not to mention how fun it is to accessorize!  Even the ordinary outfit can be turned into a ‘wow’ piece, just by adding a scarf or a pair of fabulous earrings.  I don’t know if you noticed, but the trend this season is, in my opinion, “anything goes”.  I feel like designers just got tired of trying to follow a trend and just went for what ever inspired them, which is why the cacophony works.  If fur sandals are cool for summer, no punt intended, then who cares what you wear around your neck.  Right?  I am a firm believer of wearing what ever fits your personality.  So go crazy this season and let your inner diva come out…I promise you won’t be out of style.  

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I hope you enjoyed shopping!  



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