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February 9, 2017

We don’t make a big fuss of Valentine’s Day.  To be honest, Lex and I celebrate the day after, because it is the day he proposed to me – February 15th 2003.  He usually send me a very lavish bouquet of flowers and makes me breakfast (maybe breakfast-in-bed this time around).  I love to spoil him a little too, but I find Valentine’s Day to be very girly – with all the pink and red and quirky cards.  So ladies, how about this year we try something different for our gents and give them a break from “Galentine”.

These ideas will make Valentine’s Day special for both of you.  

1. Make him breakfast-in-bed 

breakfast in bed
photo: Zola

A way to a man’s heart is through his tummy.  Nothing will please him more than seeing you bring him a home-cooked breakfast.  He will appreciate it and it’s probably not a bad way to start your day, especially if you add a Spicy Mary.  Here is a link to quick and easy breakfast recipes.  Also, if you’re looking to upgrade your home decor – like this pretty tray – Zola has beautifully curated items from known and unknown brands. 

2. Sign Up For A Mixology Class Together


I can tell you first hand that having a husband who can make a proper cocktail is amazing!  Taking a mixology course together would not only be fun for both of you, but a great skill to possess.  Make a night of it and go to dinner after.  I personally love a good speak-easy, but you do have to trek to the city for the best ones and you will absolutely need a reservation.  Some of my favorites: Apotheke/LiquidLab/DutchKills

3. A DIY Special Gift 


Of course you can always buy him something, and I have listed some fabulous finds below.  But if you want to go the extra mile this year, a DIY gift will absolutely impress him.  If your man loves to grill, which alternatively benefits you, this easy to make Magic BBQ Rub (from Stone Gable) is an awesome idea. 

4. Plan a Road Trip

Vintage cars

Create new memories by taking a road-trip.  And leave the kids at home…that’s a different trip all together.  Choose a destination – doesn’t have to be too far – but enough to give you both some time in the car to talk, catch-up, laugh.  Make it special and pack a favorite snack and create a cool playlist with all his favorite tunes…maybe something from back when you were dating. 

4. Clay and Skeet Shooting 

blackberry farm skeet shooting
photo:  Blackberry Farm

I know this seems a little out there, but I like skeet shooting…it’s exhilarating and a whole lot of fun.  If your guy is into it, this could be the ultimate gift.  I mean, for a girl to give a guy a day of shooting? C’mon…SCORE!  If you have never tried it, you have to at least give it a shot (pun intended)!  So where to go?  

Well if you wanna make it a getaway don’t look further than Blackberry Farm.  Regardless of the season, you will have many recreational activities to choose from – all with incredible taste and style.  Out West, I’d choose The Ranch at Rock Creek which has me drooling just for its views let alone its phenomenal accommodations and services.  Some of the best places will not only cater to your guy (as in dude ranch), but trust me, you’ll be in the lap of luxury.  

Locally, if you just want to give him a day to himself, a good place is Orvis Sandanona– they have it all and it’s close enough in Millbrook NY.  

5. Race Car Driving Experience 

race car driving
photo: Cloud 9

To satisfy the need for speed, get your guy on a racetrack, driving a Lamborghini or a stock car.  Cloud 9 offers several options in NY and CT which include flying…yes, flying an airplane.  That is going to score really high on the “coolness” meter! 

Cool Gift Ideas 

But maybe you just to buy him something and go out to dinner.  Here is a simple and fun gift guide that has been proofed by my guy.  In the end, it’s the thought that counts…


Happy Valentine’s Day Gents!


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    • February 9, 2017

    Fabulous ideas !

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