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January 13, 2017

Luxe Shearling coat

Happy belated New Year everyone!  Time to share my favorite ‘luxe vs less’ shearling coats with you.   

While I have been slowly decompressing from the holiday frenzy, I am finally sitting down in my lovely little office back to doing what I enjoy.  I have been off the grid since “Santa” decided to bestow us with a mini-schnauzer puppy for Christmas.  Monty (as in Monty Alexander, aka Moby Dick’s brother) has been a fun and snuggly addition to our family, but he is a baby.  And well, it has been a while since we’ve had one of those.  Trying to housebreak a puppy in the winter is not recommended.  Much like trying to potty train your child in the winter…you can’t leave ’em to run around naked…it’s cold.  What was “Santa” thinking?  These last two nights Monty actually did not whimper and held his business till the morning, which is probably why I am feeling so elated to get back to you all. 

I guess I’m not a true New Englander because honestly, I cannot stand the cold.  It’s January and we still have two and half months of winter left.  Looking on the bright side, the days are getting longer since we passed the winter equinox on December 21st.  While everyone in the family is well stocked with fabulous cold weather accessories, thanks to Christmas, somehow I left myself out of that equation.  I love shearling coats and I’ve always wanted one. Well this year I caved and went for the luxe version, but this one was on sale from Club Monaco for $595.  Whether you want to splurge or save, there is a gorgeous coat waiting just for you. 

A bit of advice, go down a size, you will not need much underneath as these beauties are very warm.  Plus, you don’t want to look like a real-life version of your kids stuffed animal. 

 Ok, so here we go….drum roll…click and buy as you please.  And ladies, enjoy the frigid temps in style!

The Luxe List:

shearling coats shearling peacoat oversized shearling coat

shearling coatShearling coatshearling coat

Marcinet Shearling Coat – $699

 Mahtab Coat – $486

 Shiloh Shearling Coat – $1049

 Luna Shearling Coat – $895 

Toscana Shearling Coat – $1599

Karl Shearling Coat – $1327

The Less List:  

faux shearling coatRL Faux Shearlingfaux shearlingFaux shearling




RL Faux Shearling Coat – $269

Luxe Sherpa – $257

Velevt Reversible Faux Shearling – $277

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