November 14, 2016

From Sleepwear to Loungewear

Loungewear has become an actual style.  Leave it to Americans to come up with a trend that will allow us to essentially stay in our jammies all day while looking chic.  I’m not talking about workout clothes, loungewear is a cross between what you wear to bed and what you wear to the gym. I happily admit to following this trend.  While writing this post, I am sitting in bed in my Eberjey pajamas and my very comfy Pluto fleece robe, which I recently purchased at Soleil Toile in town.  I don’t get out of these until I literally have to leave the house.  If it’s a rather lazy weekend and my plans don’t include leaving the house, I’ll switch from sleepwear to loungewear.  This style comes in handy particularly for busy moms whose kids don’t make the bus and they have to be driven to school…I also happily admit to being one of those moms. 

From Sleepwear to Loungewear

From Sleepwear to Loungewear From Sleepwear to Loungewear

So when to wear loungewear and why?  Well, other than weekends, for me loungewear comes into play mostly in the evening.  Kids are fed, dishes are done, everyone is relaxing.  I slip into my favorite sweatpants from Lululemon and throw on my long sleeve crewneck from Majestic Filature.  Maybe I add an oversized cardigan like this one from Ann Taylor, put on my sippers and I curl up on the couch with my glass of vino.


Even though a pair of boyfriend jeans and an oversized sweater is my weekend go to, loungewear is a chic trend and an easy alternative.  I’ve included some ideas to start you off.  You probably have some of these items in your closet.  Loungewear is comfortable and is supposed to give the impression that you actually planned your outfit.  

Start with a pants. Are you a legging girl or more of a sweat-pant girl?  Layer a basic tee-shirt with an oversized sweater, maybe add a vest or a waterfall cardigan and finish with a pair of cool fashion sneakers.  Dresses and sneakers are very fashionable together and also give the outfit a polished look.  So if you are a ‘dress girl’, then follow the same guideline. 


I love pajamas and I wear all types depending on my mood and the weather.  In the dead of winter, I prefer long pajama sets.  My husband hates duvets, so adding the long layer keeps me comfortable and makes him happy. 

Victoria’s Secret – PJ set $54.50
Eberjey – PJ set $140
Victoria's Secret - Mayfair PJ Set $54.50
Victoria’s Secret – Mayfair PJ Set $54.50










If you can’t stand anything long, these shorty sleepwear sets are a good alternative.  I love the Eberjey version.  It is super soft and comfortable.

Eberjey – PJ Set $102.00
Victoria's Secret - PJ Set $55.00
Victoria’s Secret – PJ Set $55.00

I happily admit to loving slippers.  In fact, when at home I never take them off.  I have summer slippers and winter slippers.  Anthropologie has the coolest selection…unique and well made, I have been buying from them for years.  Aren’t these adorable? 

Anthropologie - Shearling Slippers $218.00
Anthropologie – Shearling Slippers $218.00
Anthropologie - Ariana Slippers $108.00
Anthropologie – Ariana Slippers $108.00
Anthropologie - Faux Fur Slippers $58
Anthropologie – Faux Fur Slippers $58










Loungewear: Slippers

Thank you all and have a lovely lounge day!

XO Ana-Maria 

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    • Susi
    • November 14, 2016

    I was looking for a comfy but sexy bedtime look and found my husband’s old dress shirt with leggings (for warmth) or without leggings (a la Risky Business). I am still searching for comfy leggings that don’t have seams. But I feel and look sexy and comfy–sounded like an oxymoron before!

    1. Reply

      You make me laugh! I like the a la Risky Business look. But tough if it’s chilly. Guess I know what you want for Christmas.

    • Gaby
    • November 14, 2016

    I’ve gotten spoiled over the years. My aunt owns P.Jamas (p-jamas.com) and not only are the designs out of this world, but the cotton is the softest thing you will ever have against your skin. It’s hard to go back to anything else after these! If you want to check them out in person, the Linen Shop and Soleil Toile in town both carry some of her line.

    1. Reply

      Thank you for sharing Gaby. I will have to see them in person. Very pretty styles on line. Everyone needs an aunt that makes pajamas. LOL.

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