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October 31, 2016



It’s 1:30 in the afternoon and I am still walking around in my tennis clothes.  Ok, it’s no secret, we are all busy moms.  But there should be no reason why we can’t look put together and stylish by the time the kids get off the bus. Get yourself Spruced + Styled in under 5 minutes by adding these essential styling tips to your wardrobe. You will look effortlessly chic and polished and ready to tackle the rest of your day.

Quick tip: It’s all in the accessories.

1. Add a Scarf



I don’t know what it is about a scarf, but somehow it just completes the outfit. It adds a little sass to your look. Daniele from Shop Dandy (a lifestyle and fashion blogger) is the absolute queen of scarves.  I swear I rarely see her posting an image without a scarf…she wear it well!  This blanket scarf  is so perfect for a crisp fall day.

2. Cuffed Jeans

street-style-cuffed-jeans-2.jpg street-style-cuffed-jeans-.jpg  Cuffed Jeans

By far the easiest way to add a little style to your look is to cuff your jeans.  Whether you’re wearing a heel, a flat, a sneaker or an ankle boot, showing off your ankle just a tad by rolling up your hemline is not only sexy but super cool.  A trend that was started years ago that never went out of style.  Go ahead lovelies and get cuffing!

3. Jewelry Statement



Jewelry is very personal, but it really does make a statement.  Particularly when you wear a piece that is unique and original.  I follow Devon WoodHill on Instagram and I just love her designs.  This particular locket is crafted from 18 karat yellow gold and diamonds.  A locket is also very sentimental and the embossed “tree of life” motif on the front adds to its appeal.

4. Ankle Boots

Too cold for a sexy heel, but you still want to feel dressed up?  Ankle boots are my favorite accessory in the Fall.  And there are so many styles out there, this may merit it’s own blog post.  Regardless, if you’re just out running errands, go for a low heel.  Either way, your cuffed jeans will still look super cool with a pair of ankle boots.  And let’s not forget how sexy they can be with dresses or skirts.



5.  Layer

Maybe it’s age, but I love having the option of layering because I can’t seem to control my internal temperature.  I’m either too hot or I’m freezing!  I find that layering not only looks chic, but it serves its purpose.  Start with a basic (like a thin tank-top) and depending on the weather, add on…a button-down down shirt, a blazer or a sweater, a vest.  Heck, go ahead and bring on the scarf too.  The trick is to keep the layers thin, so that you don’t feel and look like a Christmas tree.  It may sound like a lot, but believe me, it looks very stylish!

 how to layer

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