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October 17, 2016



Before I had children, a mini vacation by myself did not seem very appealing.  Where would I go? Whom would I talk to?  Will I be eating alone?  Nowadays, I would luxuriate in those precious hours by myself without batting an eyelash.   As a mom, my list of daily to do’s is pretty much an endless routine.   The kids are hungry, thirsty, lonely, sick, in need of driver, a tutor, a therapist, a coach….!  Don’t get me wrong, I love being a mom, but honestly, can I get a break?!  

Ever so often, the little switch that turns mommy on seems to be out of battery juice and if this little button doesn’t get reset, odd symptoms begin to occur: loss of patience for normal things, resorting to electronics for babysitting purposes, taking shortcuts on discipline even though I know the results will further annoy me, feeling personally offended when my kids ask for help with homework and flipping out when someone ate the last Oreo cookie.   Trust me, everyone benefits from mommy taking a break. 

Whether you are going away solo, or with your spouse, or maybe taking a trip with your girlfriends, a mommy vacation is mandatory at least once a year!  If you can get away more often, it would be even better, but I truly and honestly believe that every mom needs at the very least a 24-hour vacation.  

Finding the right shade of RED!

I decided to head to Chicago and see my mom.  We are very close and being with her is like vacation with therapy.  If you’re on a budget, a good way to get away is to call on your friends and relatives.  Who has a vacation house? An apartment?  A time share?  Ask them if you can use it and tell them why.  It’s highly unlikely they will say no to a mom in much need of R&R.  

Lunch at Topolobampo. 

I grew up in Chicago and this city has so much to offer, 24-hours may not be enough.  Being the center hub of the Midwest, Chicago has become a “foodie” town with new restaurants popping up all over the place.  Rooftop lounges with swanky decor and beautiful people overlooking the gorgeous skyline are everywhere.  If you have more time, the museums and parks are not to be missed.  And of course for the much needed pampering, Chicago doesn’t disappoint in its spa selection.

Headed to drinks and dinner. 

 Here are my some of my top list itinerary favorites.  

Where to stay:

For the Foodie:

  • Murphy’s Red Hot – Can’t go to Chicago without trying a real hotdog
  • For Lunch: Topolobompo – Rick Bayless innovative and delicious Mexican cuisine
  • For Dinner: Girl and Goat – Perma-packed restaurant of Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard
  • Best Deep Dish Pizza: Lou Malnatis or Pizzeria Uno
  • Best Thin Crust: Spacca Napoli or Pizeria Nella

Shopping and Spas:

  • Magnificent Mile – Michigan Avenue is a beautiful location filled with all the luxury shops
  • Nomi Spa – Located in the Park Hyatt Hotel, this spa has amazing and innovative services


  • Pops for Champagne – I worked here when I was about 22. Still an awesome place for jazz and champagne of course.
  • The Green Mill – An oldie but a goodie. Great place for live entertainment.

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