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September 7, 2016

If you’re headed into the city and haven’t been to see The High Line, you should add it to your list.  A few weeks ago my dear friend and neighbor decided to take me up on a day trip to the city with our kids in tow.  Now, this is not going to be one of those posts about ladies who lunch and shop, although I’m pretty good at that if you add tennis to the equation.  This was a fun, family oriented and cultural experience for our children because sometimes as much as we love our New Canaan, it’s also nice to see outside the bubble.

After a very long drive all the way down to the tip of Manhattan, we made it to the Meat Packing District, which to me has a bit of nostalgia…reminiscent of Europe and my single younger self.  We thought we’d eat at The Taco Truck on The High Line, but they were closed.  Too bad.  Apparently, it gets great reviews.  Have you guys tried it?  Chime in  please.

We ate at Bubby’s: a popular spot due to its proximity to the High Line and the Whitney Museum. If you’re on a diet, you can forget about it.  Juicy burgers oozing with melted cheese served with home cut fries and breakfast all day.  Also a great spot for people watching, although no celebrities sited.   Brunch on weekends is pure mayhem so don’t even bother.

The High Line was such a treat for all us.  It really is a beautiful escape from the chaos of the city around.  The kids loved the water features and I was busy admiring the plantings and photographing the architecture from what seems like 40 feet off the ground.

We finished our tour and walked back to have a drink and enjoy the views of the Hudson River and Manhattan from the top of the Gansevort Hotel.  The kids were blown away…you’d think they’ve never seen skyscrapers before.

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