August 28, 2016

I realize I should have written this post last week, allowing all of you to digest all my resources, but honestly I have no idea where summer went.  I had to kick it up into high gear soon after I received the ubiquitous letter from the new teachers welcoming their students.  Summer is almost over and school is starting, like, THIS WEEK! 

Back-to-school it is.  And with it comes a whole roster of to do’s!  How about I take two items off your list (well, not really, but at least the research portion) and offer you my insight on the coolest backpacks and shoes.  Because this post would be way two long, I’m starting off with bags first.  My next post will be on shoes. 

Both ergonomical and uniquely original, here are my top favorites that will be sure to stand out.  I’ve highlighted them by categories so it’s easier for you and your kids to navigate.  

Spruced+Styled: Back-to-School "The Old-School" Backpacks

These are the ones I bought for my girls from Kippling UK.  I love the old-school look, but these are super comfortable. A side note: you can only buy these on amazon.co.uk.  You can still use your regular US account number and the shipping cost is minimal, but plan on a one week delivery time.  

Spruced+Styled: Back-to-School "The High-Fashion" Backpacks

If you have a fashion girl, these bags are sure to impress her.  The pink one with the “googly” eyes, from crewcuts, is super cute.  If your daughter is going into middle school, maybe the gold shimmer one from Kippling is a more grown up version, but still a fashionable option.  

Spruced+Styled: Back-to-School "Pre-K Monkeys" Backpacks

I think back on my little monkeys and how fast they’ve grown up.  I remember the little tiny bags they had.  These are adorable and will make your little ones feel like big kids. 

Spruced+Styled: Back-to-School "The Treckie" Backpacks

Need I say more for your boys? 

Spruced+Styled: Back-to-School "The Classic Everyday" Backpacks

If none of the above backpacks strike an interest, then go with these classics.  Bright colors or pattern galore and again keeping in mind the comfort level.  These are a particular favorite with older children. 

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    • Susi Leeming
    • August 29, 2016

    Perfect timing! We’re off today to buy backpacks for the girls. Not sure what my 17-year-old has in mind for his books, but he’s independent enough to decide! Maybe a hip handbag like Uncle Lex.

    1. Reply

      Yeah, I guess the older they get, the pickier they become. Maybe they switch to messenger at that age, no?

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