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August 25, 2016

As promised, here is Part II of the back-to-school series: SHOES!

Let’s break it down by requirements.  My girls will need sneakers, dress shoes, every day boots, warm boots and snow boots.  Keeping in mind that they will inevitably want a fashion shoe, I have included that category as well.  They learned that from mommy.  What can I say? We all have issues….mine just happens to be shoes.  I assume, although I do not have boys, the same goes for them, minus the fashion shoe.  

I should also point out that having same sex siblings is very economical since you can use the hand-me down method.  Unfortunately it hasn’t been the case in my family, because my eldest has never been light on her wheels.  Every year, I make a box for my youngest with all the clothes and accessories her sister no longer fits.  I give it her as a present, all wrapped up, and I swear it’s like early Christmas.  She knows they are her sister’s clothes and shoes, but she is now the big girl getting to wear cool stuff.  It’s an easy fix, but only very few shoes make it into that box.  How about your family?  Any suggestions on teaching my eldest to be kinder to her soles? 

Our cool new kicks: Primigi sneakers, Naturino combat boots in patent leather and Venettini smoking slipper. 

A bit of advice:

  1. Don’t buy your child suede (unless it’s a fashion shoe and you know it’ll be used for special occasions only). I own suede and it is so difficult to maintain. You have to be incredibly careful so they don’t scuff and the minute they get wet, you can forget about them being pretty. It’s such a waste of money.
  2. Don’t size up your children’s shoes in hopes that it will fit them for a couple of years. They won’t! Children grow one shoe size per year and typically it occurs during the spring/summer months.
  3. Comfort is key: Your kids are in shoes all day or at least for 6 hours at a time. Unfortunately comfort also comes with a higher price tag.
  4. Unless your kid is a wiz at tying their shoes (most kidergartners aren’t), spare them the hassle and time of having to do so. Buy velcro or zipper shoes. No one wants to be last in line for gym class.
  5. When buying warm boots, I prefer the brand EMU over UGG. They are far more comfortable than UGGs and offer greater arch support. I also find they last longer, particularly if you buy the leather (non-suede) version.
Spruced+Styled: Back-to-School "BOYS SNEAKERS"

Spruced+Styled: Back-to-School "GIRLS SNEAKERS"

Spruced+Styled: Back-to-School "GIRLS ANKLE BOOTS"

Spruced+Styled: Back-to-School "BOYS ANKLE BOOTS"

Spruced+Styled: Back-to-School "GIRLS DRESS SHOES"

Spruced+Styled: Back-to-School "BOYS DRESS SHOES"

Spruced+Styled: Back-to-School "GIRLS FASHION BOOTS"

I’m a big on-line shopper.  Yes, even with my kids shoes.  But only because I know the brands that my kids love, aesthetically and more importantly which shoes provide the best comfort.  However, there are a couple of local options to choose from, but very limited.  Little Eric in Greenwich is the only store that carries over 50 brands of children’s shoes.  They are incredibly knowledgable with each brand and customer service is top notch.  

Here is a compiled list of my favorites stores and brands: 

Favorite on-line kids stores

Favorite kids shoe brands
New Balance for crewcuts

Favorite local kids shoe stores
Little Erics – Best European bran selection and awesome customer service
Jacadi – A french brand sells clothing and shoes

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    • Braden
    • September 3, 2016

    I’m such a shoe girl, so had to read this! Frankly there is no way I’ve found to prolong the shoes enough to hand them down. My husband made the point also that shoes are the category that the second (and third) kids get new, because everyone’s feet are different. This is not the case for snow boots though, because those should last more than one kid. Keen’s summer shoes usually last through two kids, and sometimes Crocs.

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