April 15, 2016

My makeup is usually minimal. I never leave the house without my Trish Mcvoy mascara and my lipgloss.  That is just about as basic as you can get.  That said, I think lips are particularly important to pay attention to.  First off, nothing is less appealing than dry chapped lips. So even if you just use a lip moisturizer, like this one from Sugar, don’t leave the house without treating your lips.  Secondly, lips are an important feature to your face, right after your eyes, but nevertheless very distinct.  They can exude all sorts of emotions, from suggestive to erotic.

So what is the right treatment to maintain a healthy and perfect pucker?  And what are the best shades of lipstick that can work with any complexion?  I may not have Angelina Jolie’s lips, but I can make my own look luscious and delectable. 

Let’s start with a simple treatment.

Step one:  SCRUB! I’ve used over the counter scrubs like Fresh Sugar Lip Polish and tarte Maracuja Lip Exfoliant, but honestly the best one has been my own concoction of baking soda and my toothbrush.  I swear by it!  Baking soda is a natural antibacterial and because of its micro-granular consistency, it makes for an excellent scrub.  Add the extra effect of your tooth-brush bristles and you’ll have instant soft lips. 

Step two:  MOISTURIZE!  I never go to bed without applying a lip treatment.  Even if it’s as simple as vaseline, but you must have some moisture on your lips.  Just like your face, your lips will benefit tremendously from an overnight routine.  I love rms lip & skin balm. This organic wonder is so gentle, it can be used even around your eyes.  Glossier Balm Dotcom is as the tube says, “an universal balm”.  It really works well on chapped areas of any kind, including your lips. 

Now that your lips are ready, let’s talk color. 

Like nail polish, there are hundreds of shades of colors.  How many times have you gone to the nail salon and contemplated colors?  Every time…be honest!  It’s similar with lipstick too, except you can’t shop for a different shade every week.  So I suggest buying two shades you can cycle through as you need.  Since there are infinite skin tones, finding your best match will require some experimentation.  

After finding your shade, remember to use a lip liner if you are going with a bold color. Contouring your lip will keep the lipstick from running and will form  a nice outline to fill in with your color choice.  I love this lip liner from NARS…it double as a lipstick and is super moisturizing.  When reaching for my lipstick, I have found this new brand, BITE, sold at Sephora. Their shades are insanely cool and they deliver a soft texture and a creamy look. 

Here is my breakdown. 

1. Your go-to:  This is a color you can use for your everyday look.  It can go with anything and your lips will look healthy and gorgeous.  My preference is nude.  Like your manicure, nude lips look best when the color is one shade lighter or darker than your complexion.  Once you find that tone, your lips will look understatedly chic.  Remember to experiment by going to a make-up bar and trying on some different shades. 

2. Your glamour:  Since I rarely wear eye-makeup during the day, I tend to splurge on my lip color.  I found that for my skin tone, a touch of coral suits me best.  Light, soft shades with cool undertones will flatter most fair skin tones.  Medium tones can wear vibrant shades in fruity colors, like peach and apricot.  Dark complexions can go as bright as they like. 

Hope you’ve enjoyed my review.  Have a great day and take care of that pucker! 

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    • Stefania Z
    • April 15, 2016

    If only we were all as naturally beautiful as you! We wish! That said, thank you for the tips- will try the homemade exfoliant today!

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    Lovely friend. You are too sweet. I should do a blog post on how to know your best angles for the camera. It takes a lot of pictures to get one or two good ones. But thank you. And yes, please let me know how the baking-soda trick turns out.

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