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April 5, 2016

April break is around the corner and I know most of my friends are headed south to warmer climates and tropical beaches.  I wouldn’t be so jealous had Spring, which technically arrived March 21st, committed to sticking around.  But there is a little hidden envy that you will be basking in the warm rays of the Caribbean sun whilst sipping a mojito. 

Regardless, we all need a getaway and we might as well go in style.  So here are my fabulous tips on what to bring and how to pack for a five night trip.  The beauty of traveling to a warm place is that your packing will be light. I prefer to only repeat my day outfits and leave the glamour for the evening.  Don’t forget to read my blog post on “what to wear on a plane“.  This will eliminate one outfit from your packing list that you can wear on the way down and back. Note the beach bag in the images below can also be used as a travel bag to bring on the plane.  Finding a double purpose item is essential to traveling light and without clutter. 

Day 1: 

Denim shorts are great to have on vacation, because they’re very versatile especially if you decide to take a more adventurous day trip, like snorkeling or sailing.  I usually bring a pair and reuse them later in the trip.  I love this stripe off-the-shoulder blouse, it’s sexy, but casual and the colors are great.  Pair it with a white bikini and some strappy brown leather sandals and you’re ready for the beach cabana.  Don’t forget you sunnies and hat. 

For the evening change into something nautical, like this stripe dress from Charlotte Eskildsen. Add a bright coral espadrille wedge from Joie. 

Day 1


Day 2: 

Make this your boho day!  Add surprising prints and colors to both your outfits and have fun.  A flowy maxi dress is always a pretty item in the tropics.  And look you are reusing your sandals for the day.  This Clinique After Sun lotion is amazing in case you get a little too much sun. It’s incredibly hydrating and soothing. 


Day 2


Day 3: 

Using the same beach bag and gold sandal, add a stripped bikini and a navy cover-up and you can hang by the pool or stroll around the sleepy towns of the Caribbean.   Have a sexy evening and wear a strappy short dress to show off your bronzed legs.  Add the coral Joie wedge for a little pop of color and long dangling earring.  Voila!

Day 3


Day 4: 

How about gold and neutrals today?  Love this bathing suit from  Zeus+Dione Daira.  The color combo is amazing.  Pair it with your denim shorts from Day 1 and reuse all your other accessories.  In the evening, go for a short white dress with peach accents. You will look effortlessly chic!

Day 4


Day 5: 

Here it is, you last day!  Grab your gold sandals and put on a cute beach cover-up like this ‘chaise-lounge” inspired piece from Chloe Goa and layer it over this swimsuit from Lenny Nemyer.  Go with a cobalt blue short dress dress and spice it up with your coral wedges. 

Day 5

Well, I hope you have a fabulous time on your tropical escape.  Leave me a comment with your ideas. 

Ciao and safe travels, 

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