April 2, 2016


Even though April starts out as a joke, it’s a month of celebration.  The birds are chirping outside my window every morning, the sun is a touch warmer and brighter and the days are longer.  Color seems to explode from every corner whether nature made or fashionably worn.  It’s exhilarating! Ladies begin to show their legs and switch from dark tones to bright popping flavors.  Kids beg to go to school wearing shorts or skirts, even if there’s still a chill in the morning air.  Nothing says spring is here like April.  

I hope you like pink or at least the pastel version of it, because it seems to be in full swing for spring.  Bold tones, such as corals and magenta, azul and emerald are also dominating collections and I will post something on that soon.  But back to pink.  I am absolutely mad about this color.  It’s subtle and chic, not as drastic as white, so it can really lend itself to any skin-tone.  I have seen it recently in Chloe’s Marcie Bag and I fell in love.  After that, I started noticing it everywhere. You remember my post about the Club Monaco Lace biker jacket?…..yeah, it’s pink! 

Here are some of my favorite ‘pink’ selections for this season, including this lovely pink bike in front of Scout and Molly’s New Canaan.   I may not be able to indulge in all of them, but I will certainly try….



This ‘soft pink’ palette has made an appearance in interior design and home decor.  Its subtle hues translate well against a contrast scene, such as art or furniture.  You can also do a soft tonal look, where the entire room blends together in a ambiance of pink. 

Try a splash of pink with flowers.  You can never go wrong and it will make such a great and inexpensive statement. 

Whatever your mood is this April, I hope this collection of inspirations will inspire you! 

Always a big thank you to my supporters. 

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    • Marilena
    • April 3, 2016

    Oh, I really like this palette! I would never have thought it can be done as home decor, but I like it! Very cool inspiration for when I move to New Canaan! ??❤️

    1. Reply

      Thank you Marilena, you are so sweet. Can’t wait for you to move to New Canaan…I’ll help you decorate and maybe even add a little touch of pink.

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