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March 21, 2016

This past Friday I went into the city and made a day of it.  Hair, lunch, visual entertainment. Taking the train in from New Canaan is a breeze and beats driving, in my opinion, particularly with Friday traffic.  I watched the world go by as I planned my week ahead. 

My first stop was at Eiji Salon to see Carlos Vera, my fabulous stylist, whom I’ve been loyal to for over 10 years.  He was ready for a little Spring refinement.  Nothing drastic, but we both decided on strawberry blond highlights to welcome the new season.  I rather like it! 

Having left the salon feeling fabulously revamped, I met my girlfriend Diana and we headed West to the Architectural Digest Show.  We stopped for a quick slice from Luzzo’s, whose mini pizza cart was parked conveniently outside the entrance.  This was my first encounter with a traditional style Napoletana pizza and let me tell you, it was a special moment.  I was transported, via my taste buds, to a delicious southern Italian experience that has only left me wanting more.  A special trip to one of their locations will soon have to be added to my blog post.  

The AD show was a whirlwind. It awakened my senses to such a high, I almost felt dizzy.  The “shops” area was a surprising element.  With an array selection from edibles to home decor and art, it was difficult not to indulge.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Bellocq teas and candles are not only visually pleasing, but incredibly fragrant.  I loved their display.  Rikumo is a Japanese brand that carries minimalist and innovative home decor products from bedding to kitchen. 

Mid-century design and art deco influence was noticeable thought the lighting section.  Frosted globes and brass dazzled from every corner. I was particularly impressed with the mirrors and lighting from Bower

In the kitchen, with a twist from the usual transitional, clean and modern lines dominated the show.  Combinations of wood and metal, light and dark surfaces, shiny and matte were a breath of fresh air from the white and grey we have seen over the past few seasons.  Brass seemed to pee-a-boo from every booth. 

Floors were full of geometric play and hints of Moorish influence.  I love the the grey and black heptagon below.  It would look amazing in a foyer.  However, I didn’t see a huge shift in the trend of floors.  

Kids furniture were in full swing with two of my favorite pieces below.  I don’t even have words to describe this adorable fawn stool. It’s precious! And look they even make a kid version of the Smeg…in orange. 

Overall, it was a fun and entertaining experience.  It certainly gave the eye a different perspective and although overwhelming, I think it’s important sometimes to shock your senses. 

I hope you have enjoyed the review. What are your favorite products? 

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