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February 21, 2016

This year, we decided to take our winter vacation somewhere warm. While packing for Mexico, I realized that I should share with you my tips on what to wear on a plane when traveling to and from a cold to warm climate.

I have seen a lot of people on planes wearing sweats, old sneakers and sweatshirts. I know these items of clothing have a place and purpose, perhaps bumming around the house when you have the flu, or maybe taking a quick jog to the dog park to walk your furry friend. But I honestly don’t understand this trend of looking like a ‘hobo’ while traveling. Unless of course you are a hobo, in which case I’d be happy to make some stylish suggestions for your ‘on-the road’ lifestyle.

I like to feel put together! Having an outfit that looks good and compliments you, will instantly make you feel good.

I opted for white cropped Gap jeans, white linen tank from Majestic Tees, white sneakers from Maje, a black cropped merino turtleneck, and a patterned blazer from Giorgio Armani. In my large neutral bag from MZ Wallace (which I bought from Walin and Wolff), I packed a shawl and a pair of socks. I plan to use the bag as my beach bag as well. I wore a black lace bra under my white tank for a little fun peek-a-boo look, but a plain neutral tee-shirt bra would be perfect too.

Voila the tropical version of my travel outfit at our Mexico destination. All I did was to take off the warm layers and reveal what I had underneath.

Take a look in your closet, I’m certain you can find a similar variation to my suggestions below. These outfits will keep you looking fresh and stylish without freezing before take-off or sweating after landing at your tropical destination.

Plane Wardrobe 1


Plane Wardrobe 2


1. and 2. I like to start with the basics. I always wear a tank, usually white. I also go for cropped white jeans, or a thin light color boyfriend jeans. You can roll them if you’re really hot. The best advise to a plane wardrobe is layering. If I expect an overnight flight, I bring a pair of leggings.

3. Neutral color or light color layering sweater. Go for something thin with a cashmere or merino blend, it will keep you warm if needed.

4. Sunnies: Well these are an obvious whether you are in a cold or warm climate. But I think aviators are a great and versatile option.

5.  A roomy bag that can double as a beach bag if needed. Large enough to fit a magazine, your electronics and some snacks.

6. Slip on sneakers or loafers. While it may be glamorous to wear a little heel on the plane, it’s not as much fun traversing a terminal in a rush wearing heels. I always go for flats, but something stylish like a pretty sneaker or a cute loafer. Wear a pair of no-show socks so that when you go through security you don’t have to walk barefoot.

7. A scarf that is large enough to maybe wear as little blanket is always an added bonus. It can get a little chilly on planes and since airlines have long nixed pillows and blankets, having your own will be essential.

8. A cropped jacket or an oversized cardigan to layer and the perfect item to have in warmer climates for cooler evenings.

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