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January 29, 2016

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We all have our hobbies and sports. Mine is and will always be “TENNIS”! I’ve played tennis here and there throughout my life, but after moving to New Canaan I began taking it seriously and playing frequently. Tennis is such a great social sport and having met some amazing women, it’s hard to imagine I will ever give it up. 

The other fabulous thing about tennis are the outfits. Well, at least the ladies’ outfits. What other sport allows women to wear the most adorable and shortest of miniskirts and dresses? I mean, the whole package is so enticing. Not only is it a sport I love, but I get to have fun styling it! Yay! 

So why not share with you some of this season’s favorite tennis clothes and accessories. I hope you find at least one item that you can incorporate into your tennis wardrobe this spring.  

See you on the courts ladies!

I’m obsessed with black and lime green. The sharp contrast of the two colors is really striking. I find it looks great on a lot of skin tones and wait till you have a little sun glow! The pleats on the black skirt are very flattering and allow for great maneuvering, while the ruffles on the yellow skirt seem to thin out and conceal your tush. The backless tops are from Victoria’s Secret and they are really comfy and well, different…but in a good way. Love the patterned cropped sweatshirt from Sweaty Betty…you can wear it off the court too! And how cool is the polka-dot over-grip? 

Pop of Yellow

While I always have some black incorporated in my outfits, it’s nice in the spring to add some color. The touch of light coral and sea-foam is a nice combination. I am loving this super cool visor! The bra is from Sweaty Betty and I find their fabrics to be very durable. 

Fun with Black

Get ready for your summer country club ‘whites only’ tennis gear! I love dresses, but have not owned a tennis dress yet. I am buying one this season. This one in particular is so preppy, yet so cool, I feel like I’m stepping back in time. I love the white tennis bag! And if you’re not a dress kind of girl, choose the skirt. I like the short length on this one and the peekaboo back top. 

Whites Right for Tennis

Some off-the-grid dresses…for those days when you fell like being super sassy and fashionable! 

Here are some of the best rated tennis-shoes available this season. I’ve personally worn the Stella Mccartney Addidas Baricades, the Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour and the Asics Gel Resolution. They are all great sneakers, but I found so far the Baricades to be incredibly durable, comfortable and supportive. 

Here are some great on the court and off the court tops. I love their versatility and unique style. 

Finally, I really need to upgrade my tennis bag. I’m not sure which to choose since there are so many cool options, but I think I’m going to go with a racquet bag as opposed to a cary-all bag. Transferring my wallet and belongings from one bag to another would become a hassle and I think in the end I would not use it. As for these cool visors, I’m thinking the taupe one is pretty awesome and I can wear it for other occasions too, like the beach or golfing. I just wonder how much actual shade it offers….hmm, remains to be seen and reviewed!

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