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January 15, 2016

Where did 2015 go?! I’ve been told time speeds up when you have kids, but I didn’t anticipate it would hit the turbo button. 

If there is a way to start off a new year, I think I might have gambled on the winning ticket. No, I didn’t win the Jackpot, but I feel this is a good start to a new year. Since I was stepping into a new decade, it was also a time to celebrate properly. Thanks to my amazing husband and my awesome friends I recently enjoyed one of the best birthday celebrations ever. An epic night! One that I know will not be replicated, partly because it was quite extravagant, but also because I sure as hell won’t be going dancing in a night club when I turn 50. 

My birthday falls on the unfortunate day of December 28th. Nobody ever wants to celebrate then. They are either away, done entertaining for Christmas, or already planning on an exciting evening for New Years Eve. I’ve long given up on doing anything with friends on my actual birthday. I usually end up celebrating quietly with family, which I love! We decided to host the party on January 9th. Although this time around, my birthday seemed to last forever as a result. It began on my actual day, went through NYE and into January. I blew out many candles in the course of these two weeks and received many praises and gifts. Is it all down hill from here? Yikes!

We decided on pre-dinner drinks at the Beatrice Inn in West Village, which is a speak-easy underground (literally) bar/restaurant with a very hip and bustling neighborhood feel. Gathering 20 people in a tiny space was not easy, but cozy and exciting. After a couple of glasses of champagne, or maybe cocktails, we traversed next door to Blenheim Hill. A farm-to-table gem with a sexy vibe, this restaurant is small and quaint with a delicious and delicate appeal. The food was absolutely divine. The pappardelle first course, a surprise chefs choice of lobster risotto finished off with either the salmon or the braised short-ribs. Complimented by endless bottles of wine and cocktails and completed with the most mouthwatering chocolate mousse cake I’ve ever tasted. Success!

Our next randezvous…Cielo! The meat-packing district is not what it used to be when we frequented back about ten years ago. New stores, new restaurants, the high-line, it was all mesmerizing. Cielo however, is still around. Cielo is a night-club known for the best sound system in NY. It is an intimate venue, somewhat square in shape, an interior garden with the dance floor focus in the middle. Arriving at mid-night (I know, I’m usually snoring away by then), the music was vibrating and the scene was full of excitement. I haven’t danced that much or that late in ages….I don’t think I sat down for the rest of the night. I was surrounded by the coolest and hottest girlfriends, while their husbands kept their watchful bodyguard eyes open. I don’t think there was any threat since most of the “boys” there were half our age. But it sure feels good to know you’re still being checked out! In other words, yeah, I’m 40, but I can still rock it like I’m 30. Bam! 

The next day seemed like a blur. While I often think life breezes by too quickly these days, I savored every moment of my birthday bash and it honestly felt forever imprinted into my mind. It was a night that came and went, but will forever remain. Thank you to all my friends and to the best husband, partner and party planner I could ever wish for. 

A shoutout to my friend Drew Lavyne who dragged his expensive camera around to capture some of our debaucherous  moments! 

Dress is Phillip Lim. Shoes are Jimmy Choo. Clutch is Zara. Coat is vintage rabbit and painted leather. 

As always, thank you for your support. I love hearing your comments, so please feel free to share! 



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