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December 28, 2015
The one and only man for me! 
The one and only man for me! 

As my husband rolled over and wished me a “Happy 40th, my love”, I realized that I will feel perpetually 39. It’s not that I’m afraid of aging, it’s just that I really don’t feel any older. And that’s ok! 

Every birthday, I reflect on the year past and make new goals for the year ahead. Marking a new decade is very different, as I contemplate the last 39 years of my life. I have outgrown my experimental phase of the 20’s and somehow I seem to have found the fast forward button on my 30’s. They were magnificent years in which a lot of maturing and grooming went on. 

So while there may be many things to list that define the past three decades of my life, here are a few key points that I have learned to accept.

·      Wrinkles sneak up on you

·      Real girlfriends and a bottle of vino are priceless

·      Going to bed at 10 is the new norm

·      You stop caring about what people think

·      Being a role model for your children is a big deal

·      It’s never too late to start your own business

·      Love is the answer to everything

·      I’m still madly in love with my husband

·      Volunteer once in a while…it feels good

·      Your metabolism slows down

·      Exercising is essential

·      Eat well and drink tons of water

·      Take one hour a day just for yourself

·      Stop hoarding and simplify your life

·      Quit your bad habits…today

·      Give compliments to your friends and even to strangers

·      Enjoy your husband and go away on a sexy trip

·      Get pampered

·      Go abroad and visit a place you’ve always wanted to

·      Accept the fact that you can’t see the menu without glasses

·      A good hair stylist is important

·      Fitting into a dress from your early 30’s is an amazing feeling

·      Setting goals and sticking to them is important

·      Your husband is your best friend

·      Getting over a hangover now takes you 3 days

·      Being yourself is so much easier

·      Taking up new hobbies is a must

·      Be present and spend time with your family

·      BE HAPPY!!!


·      40 is not that old!

Thank you all so much for your support. Starting my own personal styling business was just a dream a couple of years ago and I’m happy to start a new decade doing what I love to do. 

Have you turned 40? What would you add to this list? Leave me a comment!

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    40 is the new 30. Enjoy yourself and this next trip around the sun.

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