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December 11, 2015

Ladies forget the watch and bracelet. Your best accessory is your ‘man’! There isn’t anything more attractive than a man holding your arm as you enter a room. Whether it’s work, a holiday party, or dinner with friends, these simple fashion suggestions can offer your ‘man’ a fun twist to his usual wardrobe. 

A turtleneck is a great alternative to the everyday dress shirt. Paired with a patterned jacket and complimented with a pocket square, this can be a simple and comfortable look for casual Friday. Turtlenecks or crewnecks can be worn anytime. I would suggest a thin merino blend, or a cashmere blend. Dark tones such as navy, black and grey are easy to coordinate, while a soft white can be a little more elegant. Brooks Brothers has a fabulous selection. 

I love the pocket square selections from JCrew. I prefer wool or linen as they hold their shape, but silk is a must if wearing a tuxedo. Color and pattern are simple ways of adding a statement to his outfit without being overt. They are perfect stocking stuffers too!

A jacket is a little more of a personal choice and an investment piece. If made well, it should last a lifetime. My husband loves Phineas Cole from Paul Stuart. The brand is cut in a British style and tends to have a very tailored and slimming look. The jackets are shorter than most American brands and are fitted through the waist. Phineas Cole has an absolutely amazing selection. If your ‘man’ prefers a more American fit, than Paul Stuart will be a perfect choice. 

Lastly, socks are the one accessory where there are no limits. I love the surprise of a colored sock peeking from under the pant hem and giving the outfit that extra finished touch. This is probably a very personal choice and most men wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a bright yellow sock under their suit. But for those who want to venture out a bit, this is the greatest and easiest of statements. 

Edward Leeming - My father-in-law whose distinguished gentleman's attire knows no boundaries.
Edward Leeming – My father-in-law whose distinguished gentleman’s attire knows no boundaries.

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