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December 8, 2015

I was looking to update my daughters’ shearling boot (aka UGGS), but I was not willing to pay the hefty price tag of $175 for them…times two. So I did some research and found these beauties from LUXE! I own a pair of LUXE boots and I actually like them more than UGGS. The fit is not as bulky, but also they are generally half the price of actual UGGS which are great reasons to like them.  

The selection I have included is all under $75. I think they make perfect Christmas gifts. Also, LUXE offers a variety of actual leather instead of suede, which for a kid is a much better investment. Suede is incredibly delicate and one sprinkle of water, they are done! These are such a great deal!

Enjoy browsing and shopping and stay tuned for more fun ideas from Spruced+Styled!

Kids Shearling Boots Under $75

Here is an image of my LUXE boots and how they fit. 

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