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November 24, 2015
A Leeming Traditional Thanksgiving Setting
A Leeming Traditional Thanksgiving Setting

When I first celebrated Thanksgiving at my in-laws, in the small New England town of Harvard Massachusetts, I felt as if I had wandered into a time-warp steeped in tradition and culture. Their 200 year old historic home is the quintessential Thanksgiving gathering venue. The table set for 18 people with old silver and china and stemware dating back generations awaited the family to another memorable meal. The lighting, only casted by the several candles surrounding the old dinning room and the majestic stone fireplace gave the room a welcoming sense. The aroma of the roasting turkey mixed with the smell of the crackling fire only added to the ambiance. Thanksgiving became my favorite holiday!

I know I cannot replicate the scene of my in-laws Thanksgiving feast, but I can create my own tradition with the inspiration I have acquired from them. My style is a bit different. I love the combination of old and knew, antique and modern, print and solid. I often use this in my wardrobe and not surprisingly incorporate it into my home decor. Even though we are not hosting Thanksgiving this year, I thought I share with you my way of setting a simple and modern table for a small gathering. 

There are many ways to set a table. I chose a less formal version which doesn’t use a tablecloth. Instead I opted for gold placemats with rustic polka-dot runners and sprinkled with antique and modern pieces. Gold, silver, white and crystal are the focus of the neutral palette. 

A modern and informal table setting - Spruced + Styled
A modern and informal table setting – Spruced + Styled

I wish all of you a fabulous Thanksgiving surrounded by your family and loved ones! 

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