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October 28, 2015

It’s the last Wednesday of the month and it’s time to see what Flirty Girl has in her bag of tricks for Halloween. Enjoy a little light, but racy read on ‘role play’! 

Victoria's Secret
Victoria’s Secret


It’s Halloween and since I have two young kids, I’ve spent the past three weeks going back and forth to Party City buying and exchanging costumes until my munchkins finally (finally!) felt satisfied with their selections. On every one of these visits, as I stared at the aisles of sexy nurses and naughty cops, I was reminded that I really wanted to try a little sexy role play with my husband.

The only glitch, my husband declared he was most decidedly not into it. WHAT?! C’mon…really? Really, he insisted. While his disinterest was a bump in my fantasy road, I could no longer deny the fact that I really wanted to try it. If I’ve learned anything about men, it is that when you are wearing something provocative or exciting, chances are they’ll forget what they’ve said and may even beg for more. I was willing to take that bet.

Since I absolutely adore lingerie, the ‘sexy French maid’ felt like the safest choice. It’s a classic and still has that naughty edge I am looking for. I’ll spare you the intimate details (you can head over to Flirty Girl for those), but my bet paid off.

So what did I learn and what can I pass along to you? A couple of things:

1.     If you’re at all intrigued by the idea of ‘role play’, Halloween is the perfect time to try it out. Stores are filled with inexpensive options and it’s a great time to try something new with your husband. After all, you could just call it a private costume party if all else fails.

2.   There are lots of different options. Being in the lingerie business, I see many ‘role play’ outfits and to be honest, the classiest are at Victoria’s Secret. It’s where I got my little French maid ensemble. I also bought a few other alternatives should the urge strike me later in the year. Victoria’s Secret lingerie are playful and sexy, but not cheap looking. An absolute must in my book. Naughty is good. Trashy is not.

3. Wear what ‘you’ think looks sexy. If you’re turned on by how you look, he will be too. My husband would have preferred a coy cheerleader outfit but that doesn’t do it for me. The French maid ensemble is beautiful, lacy, it screams Bridgette Bardot and it just makes me feel ultra feminine.

Halloween is primarily for kids, but adults can have a little fun too! Figure out who you want to be for the night and then bring him along for the ride. Whether you’re throwing a Venetian mask into your cart at Party City (guilty!), or ordering the full line-up of ‘Who Will You Be Tonight’ costumes from Victoria’s Secret (guilty again!), Halloween is the perfect time to explore.


Happy Halloween Flirty Girls!

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