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October 6, 2015

Picture day is always tough. Maybe because school pictures with their mundane backgrounds and their rushed two click photography always turn out to be mediocre. Maybe because I’m not there to control the scene…Is the hair ok? Is she smiling?  Whatever the case, ‘good’ school pictures are rare.

I find girls to be more difficult to dress than boys. Mainly because there is a lot more to deal with. Hair, accessories, clothing, etc. Boys are more simple and can get away with their favorite cool teeshirt.  

After trial and error, here are a couple of suggestions. It’s important your child enjoys the outfit for picture day, so shop for it together. Let them have a say in one item. In the end, it’s one day out of the year where they can just compromise and please you. 

I’ve broken down these adorable outfits by skin tone and hair color. Each one is under a season of the year. This can be a guide so when you and you daughter/s browse through the selection, they can choose items they like or items similar to it. 

My little monkeys last year. Notice the picture on the right is a typical elementary school picture. The one on the left is from pre-school. The blue background is difficult to work with, so try using contrast colors for the outfit. Also, you don’t have to select blue, we’ve used grey in the past, but I think the blue works best with my child’s skin tone.  


Skin: Ivory, warm beige, peaches-and-cream, tans well

Hair: Golden blonde, light golden brown, strawberry blonde, auburn

General Palette: Light, clear/bright, and warm

Coral, yellow, lime green, periwinkle blue, ivory, camel, rust

Spring Color Palette


Skin: Porcelain, pink, rose beige, cool mocha, tends to burn

Hair: Ash blonde, light to dark ash brown, sometimes brown with strawberry highlights

General Palette: Light, soft/muted, and cool

Powder pink, soft blue, pale lemon, jade green, winter white, blue-gray, rose-beige

Summer Color Palette


Skin: Warm beige, warm brown

Hair: Golden blonde, red, auburn, golden brown, warm or red black

General Palette: Deep, soft/muted, and warm

Pumpkin, mustard, olive green, maroon, off-white, brown, warm charcoal

Autumn Color Palette


Skin: Porcelain, rose beige, olive, cool brown

Hair: White-blonde (rare), medium to dark ash brown, cool or blue black

General Palette: Deep, clear/bright, and cool

Blue-red, cobalt blue, emerald green, purple, white, black, taupe

Winter Color Palette

Hope you and your girls had fun browsing these outfit combinations. 

Happy picture day and remember to smile naturally. Think of adorable puppies….that’ll bring a smile to your face!




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