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September 30, 2015

I’m so excited to be a guest blogger on Spruced and Styled!

I am the founder of Flirty Girl. A company whose mission is to make you feel sexy, to make the sex you’re having better and to start thinking of your husband as your boyfriend again.

Part of my philosophy is not only to LOOK sexy, but to FEEL sexy. It’s powerful, it’s intoxicating and it’s life changing. I’m not advocating major life shifts or offering advice that will take a lot of effort. I recommend suggestions that even I, with two young kids running under my high-heeled shoes, can follow.

Spruced + Styled inspired your date-night outfit. Now it’s my turn to enhance that. This is where it gets REALLY interesting!

I am obsessed with date night. I think about it all day from the moment I wake up to the minute the date begins. I’m anticipating it and preparing for it until my husband and I are together drink in hand. Why? I’ve learned to make these precious nights really, really sexy and really, really intimate. Date night is special and we should treat that way. You can focus on each other and not the kids. You can feel connected again and desired. You can remember why you picked each other all those years ago. It should be sexy! And if you’re not making it that way, you’re missing out.

So…how do you take your date nights from ho-hum to holy moly? Here are my suggestions:

 The element of surprise: Make plans to meet somewhere new. Maybe it’s a lounge or a restaurant. He will appreciate the element of surprise and the effort you made. It will bring excitement and novelty to your routine.

Start flirting BEFORE the date: I flirt with my husband constantly. Send him a text with a hint of what’s to come. “I can’t wait for dessert tonight!” with a wink. Or leave a picture of your new sexy lingerie on his wallet. The key here is to build anticipation. Why? It’s an aphrodisiac. Anticipation is magic and flirting beforehand is a great way to build it up.

Spend time getting ready: I know life is crazy and we all have kids and busy schedules. Take the extra time to get ready and I promise you’ll feel WAY sexier. Before my date nights, I schedule the sitter to arrive earlier so I can style my hair and apply my makeup. I leave the house feeling gorgeous and ready to “get it on”!

Lingerie: Men are visual. Wear something sexy under your clothes and give him a hint while you’re out on the date. Let him undress you when you get home, or walk into the bedroom wearing nothing but your lingerie and high heels. Whichever option you choose, it should become a standard part of your date night. I promise it will make you feel sexy and desirable.

Toys: Some sex toys only have a place in the bedroom. But with a little creativity, some can be weaved into your date night for that extra excitement. One of my favorites is the Crave Vibrator Necklace. This is an AMAZING vibrator that doubles as a necklace. It’s super chic and looks like an attractive piece of jewelry. In fact, when I wear it, I get lots of compliments. Yet only my husband and I know what it really is.

If you’re in the NY/CT area. Come visit me at the Flirty Girl Boudoir. It’s full of date night enhancements like the Crave necklace with a beautiful selection of affordable lingerie that even Spruced + Styled loves. Appointments available at

Trust me, this is the one place where he will let you buy anything you like.

You deserve to feel sexy. You deserve to feel desired. Schedule the sitter, make a reservation and tell him it’s on! And then do it again. And again. And again.



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