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September 14, 2015

You might have seen pictures of beautiful floral arrangements featured on my Instagram account. Well, I’m going to share my “little secret” and help you create your own gorgeous bouquets with these simple tips. 

1. Since I don’t have a wholesale license, I have to rely on my local grocery stores for fresh cut flowers. I often buy my flowers from Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. They are reasonably priced and last quite a while…a week or more. 

These are all from Trader Joe's and I spend $30 on all of them. 
These are all from Trader Joe’s and I spend $30 on all of them. 

2. I almost always include white hydrangea. They display beautifully and they last forever. Here I decided to add a soft blue hue to my arrangement. I also bought roses, lilies and snap dragons, all in color tones that would compliment the bouquet. 

3. Trim the bottom leaves, leaving only a few leaves toward the top of the flower head for a fuller presentation.  

4. Always clip the stems of your flowers. It enables hydration and as a result a longer life. Also, pick a large vase that has a narrower neck, as seen above. This allows you to use less stems per arrangement. 

5. Begin your arrangement with the hydrangea. I like to use three to five stems depending on the neck opening of your vase. The larger the opening, the more stems you will require. Add the white roses. Here I’m using a white rose with a soft peach tone to maintain the color palette. Fill in the empty spaces with the roses, but don’t over do it. If they’re too bunched together, they’ll suffocate and will look overly done. 

6. Moving the vase around as you arrange your flowers is key. You need to be able to see a beautiful display from all angles. Here you can see the light blue hydrangea. 

7. I wanted to add a little more color and height, so I went with a yellow snap dragons. Of course if you wanted a more round and uniform arrangement, you would leave it as is. It really looks gorgeous without the snap dragons. But, I had to ‘spruce’ it a bit! 

Et Voila!!!

Here is another bouquet. Following similar instruction, but using a smaller round vase and adding a touch of ‘spruced and styled’ to it. 

I don’t like wasting if possible, so I saved the leaves I clipped from the hydrangea and lined the inside of the vase with them creating a very simple yet visually impressive effect. 

I followed a similar guideline, using only two hydrangea stems and adding roses, lilies and snap dragons. I gave this arrangement to a friend and she loved it!

Using only $30 I created two beautiful floral bouquets du jour!  

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