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August 28, 2015

This is technically more of a beauty category, but I’ve had friends inquiring about the fragrance I have been wearing and I thought I would share a fabulous oil product too.

I can’t say I suffer from particularly dry skin, but I do like my skin soft. Don’t we all!!! Some of us are just plain born with it. I have some friends like that…love you, you know who you are!

Well, I found this product at Terrain in Westport CT. If you live in Fairfield County and have’t been to this “amazing” place, you must venture to it soon. Owned by URBN, the folks behind Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie, Terrain is an outdoor lifestyle and garden center with an emphasis on healthy and natural living. Make your trip a few hour excursion, as there is a lot to see and with a wonderful kitchen, you can make it a lunch date. Full bar too! They have a variety of bath and body selections, all geared toward local and natural products.

“Indie Lee” is one of them. Created by a woman, named Indie, who conquered a life-threading brain tumor that pointed to environmental toxins, this luxurious Lavender Chamomile moisturizing oil is divine. A little pump goes a long way too! I was advised to use it after showering while my skin is still damp and let me tell you, it absorbs very quickly and gives my skin such a healthy glow. I am so in love! The scent is not overpowering and does come in Vanilla Citrus and Patchouli Sandalwood. You can also buy online at 

Grey de Vetiver is surprisingly advertised by Tom Ford as a cologne, otherwise worn by men. Vetiver is a fragrant extract or essential oil obtained from the root of an Indian grass. That in it of itself, makes it intriguing. 

I am usually attracted to sweeter scents such as Prada Candy and Chanel Chance, but this is very different. It has a little spice almost like pepper, but with complementing aromatic tones of orange, sage and nutmeg with a hint of mossy woods. It’s very sexy! Even my husband asked what I was wearing and couldn’t believe it was a men’s cologne. As expected, it does change its notes on different skins and I think, should be labeled as Unisex, because clearly it is fabulous on me!!

On a hot and humid New Canaan evening, I am now opting for the fresh and complex texture of Tom Ford Grey de Vetiver. I’m curious to see how it will translate into Fall and Winter. Stay tuned!


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