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August 4, 2015

Ok, I am obsessed with sneakers! I can’t get enough of the cool styles coming out this Spring. First of all, as a mom who runs around all day, comfort is key. But I rarely forgo comfort for style…I’m one to suffer for chicness (is that a word?)! In any case, here are some of my favorite choices…some are slip-ons, some are hightops and then you have the traditional, but I like them all. I own two pairs of the Vince slip-ons and I am buying the J.Crew New Balance sneaker in white and gold trim. 

How to wear them. Endless options. “Cool” sneakers can be so versatile. Opt for monochromatic pastel hues as they will blend in with a lot of outfits. They’re always great with jeans, but particularly great with cropped jeans or cropped pants for that matter. How about shorts? Find a great bright color or printed short and downplay it with a soft hue sneaker. Adorable with flouncy short dresses and even the maxi dress with a cropped jean or leather jacket. 

My 10 favorite. So what are your thoughts on sneakers? How do you wear them? 

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